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  1. paddockman

    300 SS

    I'm aware some of you are experts in the history of the Beta and know about the various annual upgrades and I'd like to tap into that knowledge for some advice I remember reading some years back the Beta offered a 300 in both standard and SS versions. I think the SS had flywheel weights and a longer throttle and was easier to ride for more 'novice' riders. I've been out of the game for a while and don't seem to see anything about the SS - was is dropped? Did it work? Also - As an old guy returning to the sport, will a modern 300 be too much. I was going to opt for a 250, my last bike being a new 290 Sherco back in 2001. The 290 was fairly brutal and took the chance to spit me off when possible, however I hear the later 300 Beta is more forgiving. It'll be good to get s a history lesson and some thoughts from you all. Cheers
  2. Sadly I quit many years ago. I went to a superb North East club that run a 'beginners' trial. Some entrants removed their last 'expert' numbers on red card from previous trials and returned cleans throughout. Same on the clubman routes at normal trials. Sections became harder - or moreover more dangerous, grading should be the norm by now to give everyone an incentive. On the bike modification, there is an ethical point. A modern bike can be changed as much as you like but if you're looking to balance out the field on pre-65 or twin shock then it should be utilising equipment from the era. Nothing better than a couple of Majesty TY's and Fantic 200's to stir a memory or better still some of the fantastic Sherpa T's v Cota 348's
  3. Hi Greeves I'd appreciate some information on contacts out there. I'm in the Torrevieja area between Murcia and Alicante and can't find anything - or anywhere to ride. I've just found this forum. Thanks for the help.
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