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Some Final Reminders...

highland lassie

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Well, this time next week literally thousands of us will have arrived in Fort William for the start of one of the greatest weeks in the trials calendar. It's incredible to think that it's come round again so quickly!

Most of us will spend the best part of this week organising everything that needs to be taken with us, so for those of you riding the trial, read on for some reminders on the things you're not allowed to forget. For those of you just coming along for the show, here's some more about the events taking place throughout the week...

Parc Ferme...

As usual, the Parc Ferme is based in the West End Car Park on the waterfront in Fort William. If you haven't been to the SSDT before, then don't worry - you can't miss it! It will be open for traders to set up from late Friday afternoon, when Rab and co will be there to keep everyone right. Once again, there will be a limited number of SSDT items for sale, so watch out for those!

Sunday morning...

Sunday morning sees all 275 riders registering their entry at the SSDT HQ (the Ben Nevis Hotel for the uninitiated!). From there they'll move down to the Parc Ferme at the West End Car Park and submit their machine for scrutineering. All the riders must have their bikes in by 2pm, before taking them straight back out again for the annual cavalcade.

Everyone should then follow the instructions given by the officials in charge on Sunday and proceed to the end of the High Street, ready to take part in the Parade Of Riders through the town centre. Unfortunately we're not allowed to involve any children in the parade this year, so taking kids on the front of the bikes is a no-no, but don't let that spoil your fun!

If you're spectating rather than riding, then something not to be missed is the cycle trials display. At 1.30pm there will be a display of cycle trials at the east end of the pedestrial precinct - it's been put on for the past two years and has been a phenomenal success each time, so it's well worth going to see. Some of these guys will be the trials stars of the future, so get along there and see them for yourselves!

Registering your entry...

If you're a rider, then here's a few reminders about the registration procedure. Registration is open from 10am to 12.30pm - anybody who hasn't turned up by 12.30 runs the risk of having their place reallocated, so if you think you might be late, let me know beforehand!

You can call us at the Ben Nevis Hotel on 01397 702 331 so if you're travelling up on Sunday morning, get that number stored in your mobile phone now - better safe than sorry! To register your entry you'll need :

  • your licence (remember only an ACU registration card, SACU/MCUI licence or a full international licence is acceptable)
  • your completed signing on form (it was sent to you with your entry pack, so go find it!)
  • any outstanding fees (you'll have been told about those in your entry confirmation letter if necessary)


Those of you who have requested information on our third-party RTA insurance will go through the signing on process at a cost of

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