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Bultaco Sherpa 350t


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So here it is then, well bits of it anyway. It's a Model 159 (1975 I think)


First little problem -



Do I need to split the crankcases and get some ali welding done or can I get away without this fixing?

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The rear shocks were loosely fitted like this -


Problem is they foul the frame at the top and don't push on all the way. Should they run the other way up? anyone recognise them?

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Yes, stick the shocks upside down.

The clutch pushrod does exert some force there, which is why that boss is where it's at. That being said, you may be able to get away without it. Not ideal, obviously.

Since the bike is in that state of disassembly, I'd go ahead and split the cases, get it welded up and machined. (If you can fix it without splitting the cases, all the better) While that's getting done you can put the rest of the bike back together.

I think that's one of the first chromoly framed Bultacos. Nice.

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Well the latest news is - no news!

I have been busy on Ebay this week trying to raise funds just to pay for the bike. If there's any money spare then work will start. I am going to split the engine and do neccessary repairs but I don't want to start until I have enough money for the engine. At minimum that will be bearings, seals, gaskets and ali welding.

Unfortunately I have family commitments and with bills going up my bikes are the first thing to cut back on.

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