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Honda Tlm 200r 1983


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Hi All.

I have just bought one of these. Is there a difference between a TLM 200R and a TLM 200 (do they both exist?)?.

The guy I bought it off ran it pre mix at 40:1. What is factory ratio? I run my other bikes at 50:1 - would the TLM be OK at this ratio? It would save me having two batches around.

Are there any good websites for info on this bike? I'd like to find out about any potential problems/issues and any easy, cheap worthwhile mods.

I'm used to a TY175 and this thing has enormous instant grunt compared to the Yam. Should be interesting.

Should I have posted in the Honda section (it did seem to be all about TLR version in there)?

Thanks in advance for any help/info.

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My link

See link above for parts ,i have a TLM 200 don't know if there is a difference between 200 and 200R, john in parts (at nightingales) has been very helpful for me whilst doing my full engine re-build.

I used to have two TY 175's and always thought they were powerful enough, can't wait now to get my engine built and back in as you say the TLM is very grunty....

If you don't mind how much did you pay for your TLM, i have absolutley no idea how much mine is worth, i paid

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Was wondering if you have ever re-fitted the kick start shaft assembly in your TLM 200, i have had to because i've done the main bearings so the case has been split, so after its all been re-built i had put the clutch back in and then was putting the kick start idle gear in and was putting the clutch cover back on when i realised that the cover would not go down all the way because the idle gear on the kick start was sitting up to much. The kick start shaft is in as far as it will go and i can't push the kick start gear down anymore.....are you suposed to some how wind up the kick start shaft helix gear thingy when you put it back in the crank case thus ensuring the gear on the kick start shaft is fully wound down....any help greatly appreciated ...cheers jimm

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