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Moving The Back End


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It is key to brace your arms, shoulders, legs etc then use bar input through your braced body all the way down to the insides of your boots against the bike. If you can do a nose wheelie first, then work into the above described manuever. Once nose wheelie turns are mastered, try to do the same with clutch against brakes, and a suspension bounce combined with the braced body input to pegs and bars, while stopped. What I mean is a subtle gassing of the engine against rear brake to compress the back end, and bounce the back end once its loaded and ready to rebound with your body jump. Clear as mud I suppose.

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you have to load the rear susp. by going backwards and downwards with your body, then unload the suspension by going up and forwards whit your body and help the rear wheel going up by use of the clutch. front brake is full on during this action.

to go sidewards just let your body go to the right (or left) when unloading the rear wheel and uure legs to bring the bike back under the body.

practise frontwheel downwards on a gentile slope.

hope it helps

regards bob

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i just compress the back end with the front brake on and when the bikes at the bottom blip the throttle, let the clutch out a tiny bit and completely unweight the pegs (without jumping off them!) then you move the back end round with your arms and hips. it strange because it takes 30 seconds or so to read an explanation but the whole process is much less than a second and you kind of do all these things at once

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