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    Crank Seals

    borrow your sisters hairdryer and warm the crankcases. works a treat.
  2. piece of copper pipe held in at a slight angle did the job for me
  3. def mark a section and practice it. if you just ride around you end up taking an easy line over a tough line and you learn nothing. in this respect you cant really beat competitions for good practice.
  4. i have this problem now as well. i was lauching at two big stacked up tyres the other day in 3rd and was stopping the bike just by splatting slightly below the edge with the tyre and this stopped the bike nicely on the top but i want to be able to do it with brakes in case i dont get the height right one time. i'm thinking the brake needs to be rotated slightly lower down but closer to the foot for this? it doesnt feel right to start a splatter with my foot peg in the bridge of my foot, has to be under the balls of my toes to get proper lift. is this right? or is it because i rode push bikes too much when i was younger??
  5. hi, i got the carb on a couple of weeks ago, i did it by skimming the carb so that the piece that fits the manifold was round, i then made an aluminium adaptor which lengthens the carb and makes a nice seal on the original manifold, tried to get it set up and it was running like ****e, it wouldnt start, then when i got it started it would only run with the throttle half open and was chucking loads of smoke out. turns out the piece that the needle locates in at the bottom of the venturi was missing (ebay), so i got that and now it runs a treat. i need to ride for a bit longer to form any more of an opinion and have a play with it but it is smoother. i think i need to tweak it to get maximum response at lower revs. it still feels like i have to rev it to much, if say unexpectedly stopped in a section and want to pull away cleanly and slowly, this should be possible with hardly any throttle, i still feel it needs too much so maybe its too rich? it has in it 48, 122, jjh. fyi the set up it had before for the sherco 290 was 42, 122, jjh. cheers for the advice. Tom
  6. it'd look mint if the frame was choccy brown
  7. that looks in beautiful nick for the money
  8. i cant comment on a 2001 but i had a 99 for years and my dad rides a 2000. they are much less fragile than the newer ones. since owning my '04 in the last 2 months i've had to replace main bearings, wheel bearings, linkage bearings, clutch plates among other things. the bike should be sorted now but when i compare this expenditure to what i spent on the '99 its incomparable. the '99 got used as a field slag for a few years and once every year we held big parties in our field and it would get thrashed along the fields by drunk people who've never ridden bikes who think its normal to ride full throttle in first gear for 500 metres etc, plus i used to trial it and i dont think i even cleaned the air box or changed a plug on it once. they're not as light or handleable as a later bike but are perfectly adequate for your average trial.
  9. My carb has arrived. I have been to my local gasgas place and they have their own way of fitting them. They put the carb on a mandrel and skim the reed block side so that its round, then they fit a custom made aluminium bush that pushes on to the new diameter and into the reed block. this extends the carb to the right length and brings it away from the slope of the crankcase so no need for a wedge plate. unfortunately they dont have any of this stuff in so i'm doing it at work myself. their bushes choke the carb down to 26mm which he says he prefers but i think i'll make it 28 and see how it goes.
  10. hi, i've fixed mine now, i was confused because there should be two L shaped female spade fittings that go on the temp sens, but i only had one. i tested this random lead that had a positive feed and fitted it to the temp sens and it all worked. i think someone's been bodging! Cheers
  11. i noticed that. if you hit a rock and it slips round you're in trouble
  12. hi, i have this same problem i think. i rebuilt my engine with new main bearings this weekend, put it back together and the fan wouldnt work, so i by passed it with a permanent feed and the fan now works (fairly slowly) but is on permanently and the speed increases with the revs. an auto electrician who was at our house this weekend said the relay is broken but it was all working before the weekend and what he calls a relay, i thought was a reg-rec?
  13. a mate of mine was selling his multigym so i bought it and put it in my garage, i alternate every time i go so i might do bench presses and bicep curls one night, then pull ups and pull downs next time. i generally set it to a weight where the eighth rep will be a struggle and do between 3 and 5 sets in between fettling the bike. my problem is that the garage is full of ale that was given to me after a wedding so i generally juxtapose my exercising by drinking beer and smoking fags! not part of any recommended workout!
  14. ah i see, i havent tried splatters yet, i didnt know thats what they're called but i found an ideal rock last weekend which starts off about 2 foot high and tapers up wards to about 7 foot so i'm going there tomorrow to have a go. it doesnt seem natural to whack into a rock back wheel first, i think thats the biggest hurdle for me! mind over matter!
  15. hi mate, what is a jap zap or a splatter?! i like the sound of them!
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