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I had a go in a sidecar (twice) once was in the chair with a guy called Derek Green (Leatherhead clubman) and the other was a road going 500/4 Honda combination belonging to a guy called Davie Fletcher (Loch Lomond clubman). Couldn't get on with either, stuck to solos. My friend was a good sidecar pilot, Graham Smith (Hawick).

Big John

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My father Ray Crawford used to ride sidecar with a guy called Ray Petit (or Pettit or Pettet). We used to go to the trials on a Sunday morning in the early to mid 60's. Unfortunately my father passed away a few years ago and since I have been trying to find some photos of his trials days. We lived in Castle Donnington at the time so I am presuming most of the trials he rode in would have been in the Midlands. If anybody has any I would be most grateful if I could get copies either that or if anyone knows a good place I could search for some. Many thanks

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Hi Guy's,

Just had Natalie, Derek Round's daughter e-mail me.

She is trying to find the old ex works BSA Victor outfit, that her uncle Ray and father Derek used to ride.

The outfit was originally built, by Arthur Pullman, before the Round's took the bike over. So does anyone of you boys know where it is?

It is still on the DVLA list, but they will not give any information.

I am hoping Derek comes along to the Classic Trials Show at the week end , I have asked him. I will keep you posted.

Regards Charlie.

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