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Modern Mods?


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You can't bore them out to 360cc (not with a Pursang piston) to get to 360 you need a 65mm stroke as well, max bore size on standard stroke is 340 and a bit with oversizes. On early 325 Sherpas the liner isn't thick enough to overbore past the normal max oversize. Only possible from model 159 I think onwards.

Falcon shocks are personal preference, they are probably the best value for money in my opinion (steel bodied that is, not alloy) and Mr Falcon has been doing them for years so is generally pretty good at setting them up how you want them. Other makes either come as they are or the seller doesn't have the experience of 'building them to spec'.

Nothing special about the Miller exhaust at all, I'd say the opposite - my opinion obviously but I think it is poor quality, poor appearance. Front pipe is awful in fact with washers as spring retainers. Middle silencer won't join with a rear silencer as the outlet pipe doesn't come close to lining up with the inlet of the back box. Maybe the new owners will commission some better replacements one day. Won't do anything for performance (not meant to to be fair, it's a replacement, not a performance enhancement) If you need an exhaust you're better off looking on ebay USA for used Bult original exhausts as other than Miller's the front pipes and middle boxes aren't generally available new.

whatr you have said here makes perfect sense to my limited understanding, i thought 360 was a bit big and my bike does need a new liner by the looks of things. thanks for the info on the falcons i will have a look at them and see whats what

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