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Easy Way To Reinstall Sherco Air Box ?


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I have searched the forum for any tips regarding reinstalling a Sherco air box, but have not found what I am looking for.

I have an 03 290 and had a hard time reinstalling the air box last time I removed it. When removing the air box, I loosened the hose clamp that attaches the rubber boot the carburetor. This allowed me to remove the air box with the rubber boot still attached to it.

My problems started when I began to reinstall the air box. The frame was in the way when I tried to slide the rubber boot back onto the carburetor. The deflector shield obscured my view and also got in the way as well. After hours of wrestling with this, I finally removed the deflector shield and somehow got the rubber boot back on the carburetor. After this, it was easy to finish reinstalling the air box.

The frustration associated with the process of getting the rubber boot back on the carburetor and having to ditch the deflector shield to even have a remote chance at completing the task have really made me dread the next time I need to remove the air box.

Do any of you have suggestions to make this an easier task ?


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When fitting the airbox to Sherco loosen the clamp in front of carb, push airbox forward and pull back carb onto airbox rubber.

Then push assembly forward and align carb spigot. Fit airbox fasteners and do up clamps.

Hope this helps


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