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  1. inmotiontrials.com have them in stock 01784 440033
  2. Pursang models had a duplex chain (double row) so had double row teeth on both the clutch basket and the crank weight, so no it is not a pursang one as all sherpas (apart from one model in the early 70's) used a single row configuration. There were however a few different weights of various bultaco bike/models but sounds like it has been machined/modified.
  3. thats why he's got a Gas Gas one piece suit on then.......
  4. The original standard bore of a 325cc sherpa is 83.20mm BUT your engine could or could not have re-bored to a bigger size over the years and necessarily be still on the std bore. So you will need to measure the bore to see what piston size you need. ta
  5. I am soon in need of a new van , currently have a 04 kangoo , which have had from new and has been very very good. Am thinking of getting a new version kangoo (will buy a new van which ever make i get) but can anyone tell me if the new shape berlingo/partner is bigger than the new kangoo as regards getting a trials bike in straight rather than diagonal and is it easier to get 2 bikes in the berlingo than the kangoo? Don't think the peugeot/citreon reliability will be a problem on a new van but do the have any issues i should know about? Dont want a bigger van , had a scudo a few years ago and as i drive around all week with the van being empty it seems pointless driving a bigger van around and wasting deisel. Cheers
  6. clutch ATF oil should be 250cc not 300 , Gear box oil should be 500cc. Only the 1st 325 (92 moodel) and 2nd 325 (125 model) had AMAL mk1 carbs , after that all 325's were fitted with Bing as std You do need to set the timing correctly , ALL sherpas had different timing to one another , no manual will tell you the correct timing other than the original 91/92 owners manual , or email bultaco uk.
  7. you've already asked this question a few days ago.....
  8. 198B Models were NOT 6 speed, only the 340 was six speed , no other sherpa was six speed and certainly not a 125! Bultaco alledgedly made 10 198B 6 speed bikes for one order that went to france and thats it ,no more. There was a 6 speed pursang mx bike but not a sherpa. The cases on a 125cc sherpa (185/185B) model has a smaller base gasket and stud pattern , so making this a 250 is impossible. A 221 model 175cc sherpa is basically a sleeved down 250. Woody , you know who I am , but I thought your knowledge would have been better on this one!
  9. I would be 100% sure that the gearbox oil is passing between the centre crankcases as it is only sealed by sealant as thhese engines aren't fitted with a centre gasket. If you split the engine to fix it make sure you use a good quality case sealant like THREEBOND engine sealant. Do not use silicone houshold sealnt. Cheers
  10. The reason why the Sherpa stator plate has no mark on it is because ALL sherpas use DIFFERENT timing to one another they all have a differnt timing spec to one another. The newer generation electronic ignition systems that Bultaco UK sell have an automatic advance and retard built into the system so no need to set to different positions as this takes care of it. No need to adjust anything , no timing ,no strobe light or anything needed - just bolt it on and ride- simple. It can only be mounted in one position - no hassle!
  11. Fit a primary chain tensioner, if you do not already have one.
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