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Yamaha Majesty Clutch Problem


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Hi guys,

I haven't used my ty250 majesty for ages and now the clutch wont disengage! it was working perfectly before but i think the plates have stuck together ive tried using the bike clutching it now and then but it still wont work do i have to strip down the clutch assy to free the plates or can you ride the bike a certain way to unseize the clutch assembly?

Thanks in advance :thumbup:

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Try this.

On the wheels, 5 th gear, engine off. Pull the clutch lever in and pull/jerk the bike sharply backwards. Try it 10 times or so. Works on minarelli fantic some of the time. If not they have to be stripped!



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Drain off the current oil and use an ATF. Run for about 30-60 mins periodically running with the clutch lever against the bars. As the oil soaks in it will free off and should then be fine. A very common problem with old clutches and old oils.


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Start engine, pull in clutch, point bike in direction of wide open spaces, gently snick into gear at low revs, you will now be moving forward hence previous, keep clutch in and press down on rear brake.

clutch will free

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The ty I rode at start of june had been sitting for 10 years & wouldn't free using the rocking method so I expected a strip etc. Quick thing that I tried was while the bike had rear wheel off the ground & running pull the clutch in a few times before putting in gear & using the brake a few times until it freed. Was surprisingly easy

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Get it running, roll it along and tread it into gear, then just work your way up to 3rd or 4th. (You can change gear easily without the clutch if you're gentle).

Then hold the clutch in, and accelerate hard until it starts to slip. Used to work on our old 175 twinshock!

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