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Scorpa Cooling Fan


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remove the two wires from the thermostat (brass thing on the bottom left of radiator).

loop out the two wires with a small piece of wire with a male spade connector on each end, thereby bypassing the thermostat.

Kick the bike over, the fan should come on straight away. If the fan comes on then the thermo was shagged. if the fan does not come on your problem is somewhere else in this circuit.

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Thanks for the advice & info everyone. I'll be checking the fan/thermostat by bypassing the thermostat this weekend. Would there be a problem wiring the fan permanently on as there's a trial on Sunday I'd rather like to enter. The Scorpa is a revelation compared to the TL125 I'd been riding.

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Tested with the jump wires- - no fan! took the bike apart some put 12V into the fan and it spam up fine. Checked all the connections, some seemed a bit corroded, Cleaned them up and applied some vasaline to keep corrosion at bay and all seems well. Thanks again for the advice.

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Old topic but just for info..... 

My scorpa is fitted with an aftermarket thermostat in line with the top hose. Space is a bit tight under the tank and when I removed it all was well but when the tank was replaced it distorted the fan housing and jammed the fan. 

Rearranging same cables and a connector solved the problem... after buying a new (unnecessary) thermostat! 

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