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Sherco Fit Into Transit Connect

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I looked at one for gettig my (ex) Enduro bike into, I reckoned with the front seat folded flat you could do it.

But then I pitched up at the Renault dealer looking at the second hand estate cars.... I spoke to the "Van Man" out of interest asking what they cost, the reply was "I'll do you 33% off the list price and all accessories", no blagging, no hard sell. A new Renault Trafic with toys and nice paint, was less than the second hand estate.

I've spoken to other owners at events and most have mentioned similar deals.

I'm not sure what Vauxhall or Nissan give off thier vans, the Renault at the time gave the best base config for the money (OK the Nissan had rear sensors, but the front panel was pig ugly).

Personally I'd not go smaller than my Trafic, it's the right size for driving on a day to day basis, it'll go fast enough to get you banned should you be so inclined and it sips fuel. It's also 3.5T rated, so OK for car parks and the standard roof is just under 6' from ground, so will get under most barriers.

Personally I love it, I spend 90% of my time driving on my own, 5% with the kids... so the three seats are filled. If the Missus is coming along, we jump into the Berlingo (Poo car by the way).

A crew cab 4x4 Sprinter would be top of the pops.... but they're like hens teeth and huge money.


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No problem corner to corner with the bulhead in and that's the smallest Connect.

Two bikes in if no bulkhead and the long wheel base version


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