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Clutch M199


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I know trying to diagnose clutch problems through a forum is difficult - but what the hey!

My M199 clutch is noice and light (well compared to other bulls i have owned), but it is a problem in tight turns.

When i let the clutch go, it eases out slowly to a point, then lets go in one hit at the end.

This usually happens with the front wheel on lock, which in soft/loose terrain is off setting.

(i hope that all makes sense?)


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It sounds like it is self-engaging. If it is, then the cause is usually grooves in the basket fingers which can be removed by filing the edges of the fingers flat again.

The grooves form with use and act like little ramps that the plate tabs follow as the torque increases. Unless you are incredibly strong, it is hard to hold the lever in the right position to slip steadily or even engage smoothly. Smoothing the fingers gets rid of the self-engaging but the clutch will always have a wide engagement zone.

Those clutches were not designed to be slipped in turns. A better bet with a M199 is to get the motor running very smooth at the bottom and set the idle so the motor will just stop if left alone, and practice riding tight turns using the rear brake and with the clutch fully engaged.

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