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TY 250 1985


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I would like to have your inputSSS on a TY250 1985 ( Canada ). Any good or bad comments are welcome, handling, power band, are parts hard to find etc

IF you have one, had one or want one I would like to hear from you.

Guy :icon_salut:

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I've had about 6 TY monos over the years, two brand new ones.....great bikes for clubman use.

Very soft power delivery, bullet proof engines, the last pinkys are probably the best ones to go for....factory fitted front disc brake.

There's not a great deal of difference between all the models, you could argue the latter ones seemed to have a better power delivery and as said before the disc brake is a welcome addition.

Mines and old 1985 59N with a later rear shock fitted, 270 big bore kit, Talon tubeless rear wheel, YZ front brake plate etc etc.

Really nice bikes to ride, very soft suspension (too soft if your pushing it too hard)...they do seem to be going the same way as twinshocks have gone regarding prices but there still does seem to be some good machines left out there for under a grand.

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Just called the owner and it seem's that the bike is an 84 Canadian model, but from what you ( Marky G ) tell me they are good fun bikes. What about parts avalability? I own a TY250A and had no problem finding what I need to keep it running.


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Parts are no problem, sure some parts are getting a bit hard to find.....I think genuine 0.25 piston kits are no longer available but you can get hold of pattern stuff.

Some dude on ebay has made the Z pattern spokes that the OEM wheels take, I got some to fit my front wheel...nice quality items.

I guess that 95% of parts you can still get off Yamaha (at 2010 prices I might add!)....loads of bike spares out there, flea bay is pretty good for that..........great bikes with no real vices.

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i just rebuilt my 59N engine, she started up on 3rd kick last night. after 2 minuets and a little adjustig of the FA mix screw, ticks over like a grandfather clock.

piston is a Wossner 1983 IT250, had to file the very bottom 2mm off the piston skirt at the corners to allow clearance for the flywheels at BDC. otherwise a very very good piston! con rod renewed, dont know what bike model but obviously an exact match. all bearings and seals replaced. bought a compleate G-box from Fleabay (very good condition) and the clutch was good anyway. all in all i recon i sepent

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