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wheel offset 315


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Hi can anyone measure the wheel offset for me? I am about to rebuild the wheels on my 98 mont 315 . I think mine is incorrect as the front spokes catch the rear of the brake caliper and no matter how I mount the silencer the tyre catches.

The wheels were rebuilt by the previous keeper.

A measurement from outside the disc on both wheels would do me.

2 steel rules ,one as a straight edge one to measure?

From outside disc to widest part of rim?

Also could anyone post pictures of spoke configerations?



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I'm sure dimensions are in the manual. Links to PDF versions have been posted if you :thumbup: do a search

Yes they are be buggered, you know I have looked at that sketch before and wondered what it relates to!

Thankyou for that,

and for the record, the way I read it....

front 25mm from edge of rim to inside of disc

rear 34mm rim to centre of disc.

Pictures anyone?

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