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Dismantling TY250 mono forks

old trials fanatic

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Nice tip with the heat gun Jon :guinness: I have a handy roll of old brown parcel tape to keep the new seals from getting damaged :rolleyes:

I was lucky enough to learn suspension theory/practice from some of the best guys in the U.S. and the propane torch was always handy. If the seal takes a set in the lower leg (which it often does) when the upper tube is snapped outward the seal can be locked in the leg and the Teflon bushing will be damaged by pulling it through the washer under the seal. Another thing I learned is never to replace a seal "dry", always use seal grease (or Silicone grease), which also applies to o-rings.


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Just wanted to say thanks to everybody for the help. Did the job today. Once i knew the size of teh "tool" required it was easy to make one.

If it's of any use to anybody i used an M14 bolt which has a 22mm across flats head and welded it to an old 1/2" drive socket so i could use an extension bar. Suppose you could use a length of tube whatever. Any job is easy when you have the right tools and the tool made this a breeze.

Thanks again one and all :thumbup:

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