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hi all can anybody tell me how to get a good earth? ive took the coil off and sanded the frame down to metal ive put coil back on its a beter spark but think it should be beter my new coil should be hear tomorrow from bultaco uk the old one is rusty and the bolts would it make diffrance with the new coil and bolts? allso would a front wheel off a purstang m8 fit my 199A :icon_rendeer:

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There are lots of possible causes for a poor spark not just a poor HT coil earth.

also consider:

Poor stator coil earth

Capacitor condition

Stator to magnets clearance

Stator plate rotated away from ideal position

Points dirty/wrong gap

Poor connections in wiring

Poor earth from motor to frame

Leakage to earth via kill switch or points wiring

MK8 Pursang front wheel should fit in the front end of a M199A. May need work on axle length, axle spacer and brake stay arm.

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