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Yamaha Ty Riders


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I was wondering if anybody had any information of my dad from when he rode in the SSDT, I think he rode in the 1970s. One bike he rode was a works yamaha Ty 175, for Mick Andrews. Would love some pictures or results or stories.

Many thanks

Dan Oakley

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I certainly remember Pete Oakley riding the TY 175 in the Scottish and other big trials, mid 1970s. Very tidy rider always well turned out, as I recall his bike was pretty much standard. From memory he often rode with a brother also? By coincidence I tried googling his name the other day as I've recently bought a TY175 and thought I might revive some memories, but couldn't find any references or photos.

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He usually rode with his brother Nick. And he was a works rider for Yamaha, and other manufactures.

I have quite a few photos, just hoping for some ssdt pictures.

Very humbling to no you remember him, I've only rode modern trials with him and he still makes things look very smooth and easy!

I though there may be some stuff on google, but will hopefully some one has some more info or pictures.

Thanks for the reply.

How is the TY?

My Dad and his brother are currently building a TY 250 should be lovely!

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I didn't know if you were referring to Peter or his brother but, now that I do, I'm sure that somewhere I have a rather poor photo of Peter at Rhubha Rhuadh which could take a bit of digging out. I'll see what I can do.

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Hi Dan, Thanks for your reply. My TY is good - just a standard bike but it takes me back to when I was 35 years younger, and I had a class win in my first outing on it two weeks ago.

In the days when I was riding my original TY175, the 348 Montesas and 325 Bultos were becoming dominant, and (not that I ever actually knew him) it was quite inspiring to read in most weeks' T&M News that Pete Oakley was winning on his TY in East Midland Centre trials. Great days, and it's good to hear Pete Oakley is still active.

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