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Anyone Know Where I Can Get Baffle Pipe From ?


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I bought an original 1986 Gas Gas Halley on tinternet.

Matey said it was complete......but it wasnt, the silencer was missing

I need to fabricate another one to match the original exactly. The body of the silencer will be hard anough to replicate the original .

I also need to source some internal baffle pipe which i can run through the centre of the silencer.

Does anyone know of a company or person selling any ? Is it available ? It would save me drilling hundreds of holes in a bit of pipe which would be pretty grim


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You might get it here:


at first glance there doesn't seem to be anything under 3" but there is one listing that says they can provide in any size.

Please let me know if you have a success as I have a similar job to do.

Good Luck.

Thanks for that. I hadnt thought of "perforated pipe". Will stainless tack weld?

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