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  1. digger144

    2015 ST 250 leak

    I have oil leak on 2 shercos both turned out to be blocked breather, it builds up pressure in the gearbox, breather pipe is too long & gets blocked near swing arm pivot. same applies to carb breather, can cause bad running.
  2. you probably find the case is perforated with pin prick holes, I had two that this happened to, easy to replace though
  3. just remove caliper from the bike, hold it higher than the master cylinder, best remove brake pedal, use a screwdriver to make sure you get a full stroke of the piston in the master cylinder, bleed in the normal manner
  4. breather pipe from carb too long and clogs up, common problem on Sherco, creates vacuum in float bowl causing fuel starvation, gear box breather can also get blocked & cause oil leak, breather pipes need trimming back & problem solved.
  5. check breather pipes from carb this can cause weird problems if blocked
  6. you will bleed as far as master cylinder but you will still need to bleed air from from rear caliper,this best done by holding caliper higher than master cylinder.
  7. its not standing the heat that is the problem,its running too cold on a hard plug up & oiling up.with a hard plug the engine the needs to be revving and running hot .ie like a race engine
  8. try a softer plug, is that the correct plug,B9Es I think is a hard plug I had same problem on a 125 years ago & a softer plug cured it.
  9. the dunlop might be 33% lighter I found the grip was also 33% less on mud
  10. digger144

    Won't start.

    check floats are correctly positioned, check needle & slide,double check everything you touched, is the fuel fresh,
  11. breather pipe from carb too long gets clogged with mud, sherco known for it,
  12. you are talking of problems with the factory model, the standard sherco is a superb bike.
  13. absolute rubbish tyre, I thought they were supposed to hold air, I have a brand new tyre fitted to a new sherco & you cannot run below 6psi, I have tried all the usual tricks . ended up fitting an X lite problem solved.other riders have had the same problem, how can they sell a tubeless tyre that does not hold air,I mean DUNLOP for goodness sake
  14. having problems with the dunlop 803gp anythink below 6psi and it goes flat.absolute rubbish tyre
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