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Ty Mono Questions


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I finaly found a TY Mono 250, I had a 350 a couple of years ago but could'nt pull myself to fix it ( a 350 was not what I wanted ) so I sold it for the price I had paid to someone who was locking for one. My new aquisition need some tlc but is in a fair shape, I don't want to make it a SSDT winner but a good reliable trial machine. In the serial number there is 44H so I assume it's the model, Since it's running I was able to test ride it at home and first thing that came to mind was " Am I on the second floor? " I am use to my TY A with the footrest lowered more than one inch. Now a few questions Fork oil, it says in the 350 cc manual ( the only one I could find ) 99 mm from the top of the inner tube without spring is it ok, I run premiun gas with 20% VP mix : 50:1 on my A model I plan to use the same any tought on that? I found the motor very slow on throttle I run my A without weight on the flywheel should I do the same on this Mono and I am considering putting Boyesen reeds, should I cut some web on the reed block.

Any advice welcome.


PS I would have posted a picture, but I don't know how

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That `am I on the second floor` is so correct. I borrowed a very clean 350 last weekend to chase my son.! The weight removed is too much the other way. I would leave it alone or remove a little at a time. My opinion would be your true riding ability. If you are a solid expert on a modern go extreme, otherwise the stock bike is more capable than most. The power feels flat, but it will get you over anything. This mono should pull second all the time, which should change your mind on how slow the feel is. My first mono I always ran 50:1. Hope this helps, I always liked the TY.

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