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Swm Tl320 Kickstart Shaft Oil Seal


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4 hours ago, Tinus said:

I had the same problem, kicked a hole in the clutch cover of my swm 320TL

Just ordered a kickstarter stopper, anyone have a picture of how it is installed?


I rigged up the mount onto the skid pan so that I wouldn’t be kicking against two small 6mm studs on my clutch cover,they were already so hammed it was tough fixing them up enough to prevent clutch cover leaks, I just made up a couple of right angle brackets to hold the stopper bracket. Lots of measuring and test fitting to get placement just right but no more stress on the engine itself. Sorry,Jumbo is buried into the rear of garage right now to make garage room for wife’s car due to snowy weather or I would snap a pic for you.

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