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Hot Start Aaaaarrrgghhhh!


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sounds like a jetting or carb spring issue.

depending on your Alt,

the only time iv had to use the hot start knob, is after a hard caugh stall or if the bike as been upside down...{they run fine with the tires up}

may need a larger pilot jet..or maybe dirty..

removing the carb on a 4T is no fun ordeal...take the muffler and air box off. or youll be sorry.

i live at 6,000 Feet, and ride at 9,000 and up...so the lighter slide spring made a big differance for me.

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Is it me..?!

Why oh why is it such a pain in the a*** to start the evo 4t when it's hot?

I love the bike, but my God it's testing my patience.

Am I the only one?

Any suggestions?

I try the hot start switch, I try without. I try with throttle and without. There is no pattern.

It wouldn't be so bad if I could leave it ticking over between sections, but neutral is as elusive as the global recovery!!!!

I have a 2011 in the states overe here, great bike, dealing with gasket issues. However, the bike starts very well hot or cold.

Check your vent line that runs from the hot start and runs to the airbox, it maybe plugged, or pinched not allowing the air to hit the carb.

Typicaly, I never use the hot start unless the bike gets away from me and ends up on its side.

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