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4RT - 2005/6 What To Look Out For !


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Hi guys , looking to buy a 2005/6 4TR {budget wont allow any newer} , so asking those who know this bike , what must I look out for apart from the usual.



Because they are robust beats, the things to look for are the 'usual' items. That is to say the wear and tear that you would expect from a 7 year old bike: rattles, does it burn oil, is it straight (pegs, frame, rims etc), wheel bearings and suspension linkages. Most upgrades appear to have been performance related (Search differences between '7, '08, '10) rather than recall reliability related. There has been an internal engine mod for kickstart reliability, so check that the lever goes through its travel and stops smoothly. Suggest you pour yourself a pint and dedicate an hour or so to use the Search function within this forum as there's lots of info already here. Search 'tips' and 'bling' as chances are if you spend a few $s on replacement bling such as protection (cases), sprockets and tyres (usual stuff), an upgrade to fat bars, better footpegs, then your '05 /06 will feel close to a later model with similar bling/mods.

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