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  1. when you cleaned carb did you clean out choke enrichment jet, assuming you have one, it can get over looked. You said you checked woodruff but then said you were waiting for a flywheel removal tool ???. the symptoms you describe sound like failed woodruff to me! TLTEL
  2. tltel

    Tlr Brake Shoes

    yes. what he said. much smaller! TLTEL
  3. tltel

    Flood Or Starve

    Might be worth checking reeds, if you are sure carb is clean, Those Keihin carbs seem like a p.i.a. (never had one on a modern bike) Maybe time for a decoke. TLTEL
  4. From memory, I think you have to drop out the swing arm to get to master cylinder. Its only two bolts that hold M/c in place but there is not much room and as the pipe runs inside the s/arm It is a bit awkward. TLTEL
  5. Hopefully you have fixed the problem, after many years playing with and riding these bikes, TL's TLR, Xr and Cg's when ever I refit a carb Always check the throttle snaps back when I tighten up the flange bolts . Carb to insulator. Fit nylock nuts so they don't have to be too tight. The carb body distorts if you over tighten and the slide Jams open when you least expect it. I learnt this many years ago and it was very painful!! TLTEL
  6. tltel

    Fly Wheel Puller

    I bought one a few years ago from ebay, but not one advertised for a trials bike it was very cheap, I have used it lots of times and not just on gassers. TLTEL
  7. tltel

    Carb Help Please

    Hi I have PM ed you TLTEL
  8. tltel

    Tlr Brake Shoes

    The shoes in my TLR 200 are much smaller than the ones in my TL125 both have the interchangeable front and rear, Im guessing then that the 250 ones are larger than the 200. TLTEL
  9. pschrauber, it sounds like you are suggesting that the rules are irrelevant and the observer gives points on his/her opinion of the riders skill. Its not ice skating, its observed Trials! TLTEL
  10. as said , you need to split the cases and find the problem. if you keep riding it like that it will be scrap. TLTEL
  11. Nice looking bike, welcome back to trials. I also have back problems and find a session on the bike better than any other pain relief I have tried!! TLTEL
  12. also a bit late, what happened to the Jotagas Ben? TLTEL
  13. Just because its on a trials bike it doesn't guarantee it was designed for a trials bike. Most newer bikes don't seem to be designed for our wet muddy ground. (south east England) TLTEL
  14. check out hook woods In Surrey think if you join up you can ride pretty much any time. TLTEL
  15. I clean my bike after most rides, but I don't dismantle it to do it. I don't have the time or feel the need when it is only going to get dirty again next ride. I check it over usually night before a ride, before I load it in to the van, oil and adjust the chain if needed then ready to go. I change the gearbox oil every few months depending on how much riding I have done. TLTEL
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