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  1. So by way of a little update, the bike looked mint when finished but didn't stay that way for long. Two years of gentle trials and I was enjoying myself again. Quite fun seeing the kids of the dads I used to compete against now in the expert class and a world of technology beyond when I used to be an expert. I have yet to try one of these new fangled light weight 300cc two stroke bikes although I have been offered a go. Unfortunately the bike refused to start at one trial and it took me an age to track down replacement ignition parts but now they are fitted and the carb has been completely stripped, ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt I may just get back on it again this year.
  2. Hey Alex, I used to live at the foot on Bennachie and we just had a trial at the back of Burnhervie 3 weeks ago. Join the Bon-Accord Motorcycle Club, http://www.bamcc.co.uk/ Next club trial is up at Ballindaloch near Grantown which is a ground we have not used for a while. And then Lumsden near Rhynie on 17th July. If you want somewhere to practice then ask the local farmer if you can use a bit of rough ground, plenty round where you live. They can only say yes or no but always best to ask. Keith
  3. Finally completed first trial back on the bike after 25 years last Sunday and am only now clear of aching thighs (thumbs stopped hurting on Tuesday!). Weather was perfect (dry, cool and sunny), course was compact (so my old man could walk round with me as he used to a quarter century ago) and the bike nearly survived intact. Scary thing was seeing all the school boys who used to ride with their dads and me a way back now there as 30 something year olds and they all remembered me....! Of course they now ride me into a corner but hey ho, I'm there to have fun (just now). Bike lost a rear mudguard mounting nut, the rear shock absorber bump stop doughnut disintegrated (age) and the dust cover came off, throttle action was a bit snappy and the carburetor needs adjusting as the bike coughed and ran out of puff under WOT (main jet or float I'm thinking) but it idled sweetly. Replacement mounting nuts ordered and shock sent away to fix dust cover and for new doughnut Also noticed rear wheel bottoming out so must loose more weight!!! Next competition is at the back of my folks old farm on 22nd May so I'll try and make that one as well. Thanks to all at BAMCC for setting it out and forcing encouraging me to go And also to the old man for encouragement and support.
  4. Sounds like under fueling to me, such that when you start the engine it uses whatever fuel has collected in the bowl until it runs out and then stops, float bowl then fills up again with engine off and you get another 20sec burst and the cycle repeats. May be blocked jet or insufficient fuel feed into carb. That's certainly where I would start as I had similar with my TLR250 (turned out to be old fuel gumming up the works on mine as it had been idle for a long period where it would start fine and then falter and die and certainly wouldn't take any real throttle demand).
  5. I had an gold Excel rim fitted to my TLR250 in January this year by CWC as it was the nearest match to the unavailable DID rims. Stainless spokes and nipples also fitted. Just sent them hub with offset distances and a couple of spokes to make length check easy. Turned it around in days. Phoned up when they received my hub to discuss exact requirements (powder coating, tubed/tubeless, rim clamps, tape etc) I still have original DID rim on front and the mismatch is negligible. All in, about £190. Another £100 from other suppliers for tape, rim clamps, inner tube, Michelin comp X1 tubed tyre and axle bearings.
  6. 1 pound-force inch (lbf-in) = 0.1129848 newton meter (Nm) 0r 1 newton meter (Nm) = 8.85075 pound-force inch (lbf-in)
  7. By way of a little update, I've (very nearly) finished renovating my Gollner TLR250 as shown in the picture below:- I've had the bike since nearly new and it is now in much better shape than the rider...I slipped a disc not long after my first post here. So I'm a work in progress! I must thank R Sutcliffe for kick starting this whole thing after he asked me for pictures to put his Gollner TLR200 back together. Also for spare/replacement parts I used, CMSNL.com Inmotiontrials.com TYTrials.com Trialsbits.co.uk Shock rebuild by Falcon Shock Stainless steel nuts & bolts from Grampian fasteners Frame blast, weld, powder coat by Woodton Tyres Ltd I've also become a good customer of toolstoday.co.uk where I'm afraid I could spend even more money on shiny new tools. Just the wheels to go now for new rims, spokes and tyres and then get myself out and about. PS. The blue grab strap was something I added when I brought the bike after going through a series of TY250 mudguards as people (me and others) made a grab for my previous bike and broke the plastic. The strap is as old as me! It came from my baby harness! I highly recommend having a grab strap to save your bumpers, but maybe get a bit of newer nylon webbing.....although they last a long time, mine has done 30 years of service. Keith
  8. Not as big as Texas anyway. I already have a fridge full of beer in the garage so I might have to find out who SlapShot3 is.
  9. Thanks Ross, New Zealand, now there's a country with an abundance of trials ground if ever I saw one.
  10. Hello Everyone, it must be 15 years since I last rode my Gollner Honda TLR250 mono but it still sits in my garage teasing me every time I go in and talk to my other love (no not the fridge full of beer!), a 1989 Audi quattro. Anyway, bike is part way through a rebuild and so is the rider and I hope to get back out into the streams and woods of rural Aberdeenshire in the not too distant future now I class for the over 40s group! As a quick introduction, I started trialling when I was 10 and worked up to expert by the late 80s' when I stopped. We used to hold Scottish Championship rounds on my parents farm near Inverurie with around 140 riders but when they retired from farming and sold up my ability to ride became non existant as wife, work, house and children took my attention. I miss it and will eventually get back on the pegs whilst I can still see my feet! Still, first things first, get the bike sorted then get the rider sorted and finally get my wife to accept it! I look forward to joining in on this forum as a starter. Keith
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