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  1. I've enjoyed watching the videos (4parts), I would enjoy them more if they weren't dragged out so much though, a 20 second clip became 2 minutes 11 seconds in part 4
  2. Thanks for putting me off then, it's pretty close so I will probably pop down and have a look, on foot! I had a look at the videos sherconoob posted in another thread and I would say I could just about manage a clubman event, I think I'm ok with finding good lines but would not be so clever with the very slow tight turns as I've not had enough practice. Thanks again and my apologies for diverting the thread
  3. How suitable would this be for a beginner?
  4. Bob on copemech, I took the bike to Birkett's and he said the same thing. The noise was coming from the worn front sprocket hence there only being a noise when power was applied. The noise was fairly significant and not possible to miss so I am confident the seller knew there was a problem and probably thought it was the gearbox like I did. Lesson learnt, take the bike for a proper run when testing not just slow speed around a yard. Thanks to all that looked and commented, a cheap fix has now got me fixed up and ready to ride.
  5. A fantastic post. I think one more thing which would be of use for newbies would be an online map of places to ride, I just bit the bullet and bought a bike but even living in Cumbria I am finding it hard to locate places
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x0xyqm3n5nagy5r/2014-07-22%2015.05.09.mp4 Do you know what the fault could be? There is about 3mm of end play (0mm when the sprocket is attached). There is little to no noise when the shaft is pulled all the way out but once it is pushed in, the noise you can hear is what you hear in the video. When riding the bike there is no clicking until you're above about 15mph and the noise is only there when the throttle is open. Please tell me it's not an expensive problem!
  7. I can't work out where it's coming from! The bike is a 2009 250 2t. The sound occurs roughly once per second and speeds up to roughly twice per second depending on the speed of the bike. It only happens when I am in gear and on the throttle. When I pull the clutch in it stops, when I coast in gear it stops. I've recently changed the gearbox oil and there was a fair amount of metallic particles. The bike is new to me so I don't know how the problem has developed. Any ideas?
  8. Could be an issue with the floats or needle valve, check the floats don't contain fuel and consider changing the needle valve, also check the float arm for bending. It could also be worth sending off the carb to be ultrasonically cleaned to help clear any hidden debris, how much work has the bike actually done? PS what fuel:oil ratio are you running and has this problem always existed or has it just started to happen?
  9. I've done a fair bit of researching in to this on the forum and the general consensus was the amount of oil required is 400ml, if you drain out the old oil (after the engine has been warmed up) you should get about 400ml. If you drain and then put 750ml in, 350ml will come out of the drain/level bolt.
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