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  1. When I first started doing results as a Trials Secretary I used to make a stencil which I fixed to a drum on a Gestetner machine full of horrible purple ink and I too had Eric Adcock on the phone wanting a report for MCN so things have come a long way. Anyone who doesn't know what a Gestetner machine was it came just after carving in stone
  2. I too am very impressed by such systems but am also a little concerned about the current obsession with instant results. As many of you know I do the results for the Lakes 2 Day and am really proud that myself and a couple of helpers can produce results for 180 riders over 2 days and 80 sections within a few minutes of the last card being handed in.The problem is when we get to club and regional level when one club official has spent all day taking the entries, possibly even helped to mark out and then they are expected to magically produce results before tea time and if they don't they are then subject to dogs abuse on social media, this is not good. Riders are very keen to praise these electronic systems which I repeat are absolutely brilliant but they come at a cost. They are also happy to praise continental federations and organisers for using such systems but would be quick to berate the ACU or clubs if the entries went up by a couple of quid to pay for such like, it's a question of balance
  3. Well you don't know so please don't guess. We have chosen a team that we are happy with and have every confidence in
  4. I still don't know who he is, I don't need to now who he is, I have no issue with whatever he might have done for trials I have no doubt he will have done loads, my issue is, and always will be people's immediate response of assuming the ACU will have got it wrong again because they always do because they're so far out of touch etc etc. People need to be nominated by their Centre to become part of this group and as a matter of interest the suggestion that we should look into this slight change came from one of the members of this group. Most of the time we get criticised for holding back youth riders but this is a genuine attempt to give them what they have asked for. We also know that what suits some will cause problems for others, that's why we always try to design regulations that will permit riders to do something without forcing them into something where they are out of their depth
  5. Yep no arguments there , certainly no hero biscuit or reward of any kind, simply trying to demonstrate the lengths we go to to promote the sport, therefore why would we try to deliberately sabotage it
  6. No info on the subject yet you still choose to criticise.
  7. A week gone Thursday I drove from the Lake District to Rugby to collect equipment for the Bob Macgregor round of the British Trials Championship. On the Friday I then drove to the said event and spent the weekend there. This last Thursday I got up at 5 am to drive to Rugby again to return the equipment and attend a Trials and Enduro Committee meeting . A total of over 1000 miles and 5 days away from home. Next Thursday I will again drive to Rugby for a meeting at 4.30 in the afternoon which will mean it will be probably midnight when I get home, and why do I do this ???? Apparently it's so that I can play an active role in killing off Youth Trials, not to mention the massive power trip and the VIP lifestyle , Have you driven the length of the M6 recently ?. Apparently our debate about the youth classes wasn't very well thought out, I would suggest they were a little better thought out than the response of someone hiding behind a keyboard and a nick name. For anyone who might be interested, The T&E Committee are blessed with so many experts who are keen to make us aware of our errors and with this in mind our Chairman came up with the idea of forming a Trials Working Group. The idea being that each centre, of which there are over 20, could nominate one representative to attend a couple of meetings a year to keep us informed about views from the grass roots and add their experience to continue and promote our sport. We initially got 3 volunteers, this has since grown by a couple but it just proves the point that plenty can drive a keyboard but are not prepared to do anything positive. On his other point I personally have been aware for years that kids ride round doing wheelies, stoppies, etc etc and that's why I don't believe in the no stop rules
  8. mickwren

    Lakes 2 Day

    Lakes MTA are totally overwhelmed by the amount of entries we have received for this year's Trial. Anyone who finds they are no longer able to ride please let Jake Gowan know asap so we can give somebody else a ride. Thanks
  9. It's part of the fun. I once pushed in front of Mart at the Loch Lomond 2day. Such a rare occasion I can still remember it, and I can picture the section
  10. Quite simply the BEST one is the one that suits YOU, not what your mates tell you, not what magazine reviews tell you, not what forum bandits tell you but what you feel right with
  11. I've just spotted on my profile that I have no warning points ???? I'll have to try harder
  12. At least Guy Martin is a biker. OK yes he has been given priority over some who have probably been trying to get in for years and I understand their frustration but it's good for the event even if it is already oversubscribed and maybe doesn't need a higher profile. As I say at least he is one of ours not like major road racing type events etc where the grids are full of free loading "celebs" from Coronation Street or tennis. In motorcycling we need to learn to look after our own rather than beat up those who do good for our sport
  13. mickwren

    Pre 65 Times

    I went on Saturday last year and am doing the same again this year. It was my first time at the Pre 65 Scottish. AS you arrive in Kinlochleven, because of the odd and even numbering you will find bikes and riders travelling in all sorts of random directions and if you just want to see bikes and riders it's dead easy. If you want to see somebody or something more specific then you need to get a programme and do a bit of planning Can't claim to be an expert on this but it worked for me
  14. Hi I don't have specific details of this event yet but most European rounds of the WTC are fairly open events and you can pay when you arrive, having said that many are actually free as the whole event is sponsored by the town or the region or a leading local company. There is always a selection of trade stands so you should be able to buy riding gear of several makes Hope this helps
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