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  1. I wish I would've thought about it sooner but a call to Bill Haskell at Balance Trials Supply in Colorado or Mike Damm at Trials Superstore are both good at finding Techno parts too. But Ian at Trials And Tribulations is a great guy and you'll have no problems with him.
  2. I agree with you steveearle. I love my 1996 Techno but it gets harder to find parts all the time.
  3. Goudrons is right. While not in the USA, Trials and tribulations has alot of Techno parts.
  4. Went ahead and bought some black Gaernes Classic boots. They fit my big calves perfectly. Thanks axulsuv and fivebrick for the help!
  5. I've operated the same Mori 40 for 12 years and has had new belts, a chuck rebuild, and a door switch. The company bought a bunch of Haas lathes to take the place of aging Yamas and every Haas we have has had at least one new transmission in the six years we've owned them. MORI ANYDAY!! You get what you pay for.
  6. I watched Webb ride in Texas both days and for someone that got their bike the day before the event, he rode very well.
  7. I took my wife to this past Texas National Round and other than having to do some walking in the heat she had a great time! She was very impressed not only with the pros and their riding ability but also how approachable everyone was. She had people just walk up and start talking to her and answering her questions and she said, "There is no other professional sport that allows you to be this close to the action." She had a great time and now she actually gets what this is all about.
  8. Maybe they're 4RTL's. hahaha
  9. I also thought if you rode a Beta you will have a sticky clutch at startup if the bike has sat for a long time unused.
  10. I bought this helmet in red and black and I really like it. A lot lighter than my old helmet!
  11. Thanks guys for the information. sounds like Gaernes are my best bet.
  12. Thanks Podracer. It does help. I live so far from anywhere that sells anything for trials that I have to order and hope for the best so your information is very helpful.
  13. I have the same problem Ed. Did you ever find any boots that fit?
  14. I have thought about buying this helmet too. It sounds like it is a good one.
  15. here is a trials boot question for you. I wear a size 10 boot and my calf measures 18 1/2 inches around. I need some trials boots that will close around my calf. does anyone else have this problem and if so what brand boots do you wear? i have not been able to find any trials boots in my area so i will have to order some.
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