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Lampkin On Suz 120 At Ssdt


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From memory:-

1969 on the Gaunt Suzuki

1970 on the Alta Suzuki (finished with a broken frame).

Have not got the actual results to hand

Addition:- a bit more information from 1970:-

MHL retired on day 6 with a locked gearbox, whilst still struggling with the broken frame.

Still looking for information 1969.

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Thanks Guys. I understood he finished in 69 on the Gaunt-Suz & placed well - something like 5th.

Can anyone confirm his '69 result?

Big John, I saw somewhere on the forum that you have some info/pics on the Alta-Suzukis. Any chance you could PM it to me please? Thanks

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No, he first rode in 1967 on the BSA (NWW 8E).

Can't quite remember what (or if) he rode in 1968 (will research).

So it was probably his third Scottish.

Update on 1968:-

HML finished 5th overall again on the BSA (NWW 8E)

With a total of 60 marks lost and a special first.

So 1969 confirmed as his third Scottish.

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