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Ssdt Honorable Mentions!


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I always enjoy viewing the daily results at SSDT.org, as the books are in and posted by the time I get off work!

As I go through the list again this year, couple of folk stand out in my mind as regular friends here on TC.

Our top Spanish lad, Carlos Casas finished another year nicely in spot 77! With a good last two days he really advanced as I recall. Only got beat by one girl this year with Emma B. in spot 46. We still love you man! How do you do it?

Chris Pearson, tech advisor, did the deal this year with great result at spot 23, just behind Ricky Wiggins (who must be half his age)! Great job man!

Another great finish for Dougie, lots of respect there, and for all the top boys.. Dibs a charger! , Connor, look at him go! Kendrew, just nuts! Jordi wow, still on it!

Awesome results for all, congrats!

Oh, I almost forgot Hirdy for the videos! Really nice, although this may be the last we see of them as he has not completed the DVD from last year. Ah, well, skip it! Keep it up John. This was better yet!

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Its Adam Norris' result that stands out for me!

As far as I'm aware, he only rides on the odd occasion yet beating riders who ride week in week out. You think bike fitness would be a killer for the occasional rider to.

Fair play!

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