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Another Clutch Issue. Help Please, Kids Onboard!


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Just bought a 2004 Beta rev 3 125 for my kids.

When i picked it up everything went fine but neutral which was almost impossible to find. But the price was so good i went on and purchased it.

Now back home I was showing the bike to my youngers and when i tried to declutch nothing, no clutch!

After some attemps the clutch went ok to die again next time i started the bike. It is like something is not actuating on the clutch push rod and then comes in ok next time for no apparent reason.

What that could be and how to fix it?

It's scary if suddenly happens (no clutch) while the kids are learning to ride

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Could it be as simple as the gearbox oil needs changing? Let the engine warm up for at least 5 mins, then try the clutch, if it works ok, change the gear box oil. Have you check the hydraulic fluid level in the clutch reservoir?

If it is still giving problems after changing oil, then it could be a number of things, master cylinder seals, air in system, clutch plates sticking together and anything else others may come up with.

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Hang on there

So you are saying that while riding sometimes you pull the lever and it doesn't dis engage?


After sitting for a period you start it and it takes off when you put it in gear

If it's the latter it sounds like you have the classic clutch stick

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Yeahhh i've reading everything i could on beta's clutch and it seems nothing else but the usual sticking plates on cold starting.

BTW my little thing has wet the lining all over. Got to remember the closed position which i confused with reserve!

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If your bike hasn`t been used for a while, 2 -3 weeks. The clutch will be sticking. Simple solution, sit on the bike,.by hand put it into third gear without using the clutch. Then pull in the clutch and rock the bike forwards until the rear wheel moves freely.

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