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2014 Trial #2 In Nova Scotia Today


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Today we had our second event for the year (of 3). It was a fantastic day, sunny and about 23 degrees ©. I had spent 3 days earlier in the week setting out, building the sections and just had the start and end gates and any last minute changes left to do. Fellow riders had helped me out but even with 2 or 3 people it is hard to gage if things are going to be too tough or not tough enough (leaves you thinking about it in the middle of the night). I had a pretty good idea who was coming so we decided on 3 difficulty levels (we had typically been just using 2 levels).

I got up in the morning and printed the score cards, a waiver for people to sign, and a score sheet (that I didn't use). had a good breakfast, skipped church and hit the road 20 minutes out I realized I had forgotten my boots and had to go back, by the time I got my boots it was clear I "might" have had time to go to church after all :). The event was about 30 minutes drive away and when I got there most of the riders where already warming up.

The event is part of the local dirt bike association (NSORRA) annual membership drive that we get around 200 riders out for some trail riding, MX riding, safety training, chatting, a chance to see what the local dealers have to sell and lastly our little trials event #2.

I let a few people try my bike and was able to talk one fellow into riding the event (he was interested in buying a bike and giving it a go) I rushed around to put up the gates and hole punches, had a quick bite to eat (the proceeds went to cancer research :thumbup: ). The trial was set to start at 1:00 and we were pretty close I had everyone sign the waiver handed out the score cards and held a quick riders meeting. I let everyone know we would walk the sections and ride together the first lap then break up for the remaining laps. We had 8 sections and planned on 4 laps. We finished lap 1 at 3:00 so decided to go with just 3 laps. We had 3 riders in each division so everyone was going to podium if they finished :D .

The day went on with everyone having lots of fun, it was a real workout the guy I was sharing my bike with couldn't believe how much work it was (he was kicking my ass so I didn't feel to bad for him). The sections where a bit difficult but everyone stuck to it, I only had to adjust one section after I lost my bike in a hole in the junior line and landed on my a*** and figured it was just too tough for us novice riders and went around it instead.

I would say from the scores below that the sections were doable but could have been a bit easier... We keep learning! At the end of the day nobody got hurt and everyone said they really enjoyed it and thought the 3 classes worked very well. There are some great pictures of the 8 sections posted here even the sequence of when I found the bad section - from oh oh, to, where is my bike?, to, happy I was wearing my padded suit:


After the event I packed everything up and headed home to post the scores and put a little ride report together for your enjoyment :beer:

and here are the scores:


Going to sleep well tonight !!!


From Nova Scotia,

Michael T.

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Thanks Steve, I would actually really enjoy that. I have never been to an away event... I would also like to get to the world round in the States maybe next year will be the year, are you going to drive down? I actually have relatives in both Rhode Island and Ontario.

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