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Oil Ratio


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Hi sorry to sound dumb

Just picked up a greeves Scottish 24 tcs

Could anyone let me know the optimum 2 stroke oil to use in this bike and what recommended ratio

Cheers in advance


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Originally these old air cooled engines used a SAE 40 or SAE 50 2T oil because of the large piston / bore clearances. Modern synthetic 2T oils tend to be much thinner (SAE 20 to SAE 30) but have high thin film strength.

Castrol A747 as above is a good high viscosity oil as is Shell VSX. Bardahl do a high viscosity 2T oil but its about £30 a litre. I would be inclined to use the Castrol at about 30 or 40:1 but you could use something much cheaper like gulf pride 2T (less than £10 for 5L) at 24:1

You could use any good quality synthetic oils at leaner than 40:1, your bike won't seize but it will rattle a bit as these oils are meant for close tolerance water cooled engines.

A747 is meant for very high performance water cooled engines but it works well in anything.

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i started running my 1958 iron barrelled scottish on 40.1 mix with modern synthetic oil, on the advice of the experts , great in the sections but on the road between sections it locked up 4 times it freed of after cooling down and i was able to finish the event, i asked the greeves riders club for help and the answer was to use a good quality oil at 25.1 mix, since then the old engine has been fine so i will stick to the advice of the greeves guys. will. i

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Ok just in case anyone's interested....

I brought some castrol a747

Mixed it 30-1. 165ml to 5ltrs

Was all ok..perfect on the road and ok on a little 5-10 mins green lane..

I'll stick with this and see what occurs

Thanks again

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aawil #4.

Thanks for pointing that out and I will amend my earlier advice and I now feel a bit daft. For some reason I had thought MJC 477s bike had an alloy barrel with steel / CI liner and roadwork never entered my head. The bore of a barrel of all cast iron does not expand sufficiently compared to the piston on sustained road running. More oil is needed to conduct the heat out of the piston. I would now not advise 40:1 but the 30:1 on A747 he has chosen should be fine.

Interesting to see the Greeves club advise similar to my ratio advise for gulf pride 2t, a good quality old fashioned mineral oil.

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