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  1. noting the problem with all the various classes and routes in a modern classic trial why not go back to the system used when i started, we all rode the same sections no different routes, you just got on an rode the event , as a basic novice you struggled but learnt , your first clean was something to celebrate as you progressed to centre level then national trials ,my turning point was finishing a trial without stopping ,i may be an old fashioned sod but at seventy five i am still riding but now on a proper pre 65 outfit , a panther of course, cheers will
  2. give me a call i even have a proper pr 65 trials outfit you could try i also have a spare trials chair in the barn ,i have ridden and built them for years , i am up near stalham so just come and see me will hawkes 01692 535889
  3. hi guys just out of hospital with a rebuilt leg ,with a late greeves anglian and a chair ready to fit ,i fancy a last fling before i get to old ,so what i need to know is what events are running next year ,championship or others ,something like the original series that deryk ran a few years ago ,i have spoken to a coupe of the riders i am still in contact with and at least three crews are coming out of retirement so it is going to happen , and we are not just going to make up the numbers , will
  4. the theory is that to get instant throttle responce you need a lot of clean filtered air at least twice what the motor cosumes on a full throttle attack ,i cannot see how sucking air through a foam filter without can do the carburationany favours ,i have home made airboxes on both of my greeves outfits including one of the last factory bikes both run on std amal mk1 carbs with probably the cleanest caburation i have ever had, i
  5. not often I like the trend for old modern trick bikes but I must admit I like your one I only have one question , I was taught that to get the ultimate carburation you should have a airbox of at least twice the volume of air that the motor needed before the filter as such all of the off road bikes that I have built over the years have been fitted this way with the largest air box I could fit in ,am I missing something or were the expert guys who taught me over 50 years ago wrong
  6. another one for ngk iridium plugs since fitting them in both my greeves outfits and a jawa enduro , after two years of hard use i have had no problems
  7. charlie dont forget that harry made many a fine sidecar as well as the solos, i can remember stopping at his house for tea in the days when we rode the west of england trial on the saturday,and the otter vale on the sunday,when harry would come out and ride one of his outfits and beat most of us ,great days ,, will
  8. if you do build a trialer out of the bits keep and use the lucas sr1 mag probably the best and most reliable mag lucas ever made i now have 5 bikes fitted with themall set to fixed timing ,all start 1st time hot or cold never had even a missfire when soaked in mud and water
  9. with a smaller rear sprocket you also get the added advantage of the chain not getting damaged on large rocks so you gain all round will
  10. deryk as you know I was born before 1949 and will soon be repaired and out on a new l/w panther outfit ,my comment was not what you would have done in the day but what class would the latest organisers fit a tandon kangaroo in as it must have been one of the rarer suspension set ups , it has got me thinking what an outfit would handle like with this sort of rear suspension ,and a pair of rubber bands will be a lot cheaper that modern suspension units . will
  11. a thought deryk would you allow the tandon to compete as it was either a monoshock or did they have two bits of rubber controlling the rear suspension that would make it a twinshock , your comments , will
  12. boyer systems have built in advance curves , but are this can vary in degrees if yoy have any sort of bad / loose connection from not advancing (feed connection ) to over advancing (bad earth ) ,after a few problems i now always fit a braided earth from the motor to the frame ,this solves boyer and similar systems , but why for years now i have had fixed timing on all my bikes i just set it spot on for what i need , all start first kick ,pull like i want and give no problem ,even my overbored panther which is 720cc, my bikes rangr from 197 greeves /bsa 441 victor outfit / big panther ldt outfit greeves silverstone racer prewar sprinter , plus all my road bikes ,get it set right and your problems should be over , will ps as i have steel in both legs i have to be a bit careful about bending them and at a fit 72 i nedd to keep on racing and trialing,
  13. //hi you have a good basis there if you can find a wide ratio box or set of internals the rest of the bits including alloy barrels are readily available new from india you can probably get all the other engine/ transmisson parts including nice alloy cases for less than £300, fitting the motor unit to the frame is not a major problem, i have done that conversion a few times ,with a fully set up workshop the basic job can be finished in a day , what takes the time is all the other jobs t make a competetive bike ,so if you have the skills (or a large wallet ) and the time you can be out on a competetive proper classic british trials bike for no more than £2000, i will now wait for the howls of protest from folk who think that you need to spend a fortune will.
  14. hi lads i still use my 1958 197cc scottish with a chair for long distance trials but as its a bit down on power i dont bother with a passenger just put a small weight in the chair and ride it like a solo,plus my sprint bike is based on a silverstone with a griffon engine , lots of fun , deryk will remember me doing a whole year of championship rounds without a passenger as i kept breaking them that was even more fun .. will
  15. with a bit of luck after june we will be able to go back to good old english rules and europe can continue to self destruct , ,i even had to explain to a newer rider what a "viney band" is then found that he had never heard of mr h viney, .` will.
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