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  1. Ladyraga, Yes i still need wheel. pm me with price etc please
  2. guy's thanks for all help.
  3. cheers mate, that will help.
  4. I couldn't get the airbox or any parts for it from Dave Renham so if you could pm the spanish details that would be cool.
  5. Cheers for info will start looking for either.
  6. The rear wheel on my skywalker has a broken hub. Does anyone know of a similar wheel that i could use. The rear is disc type. I have been told a gas gas may fit but not sure what one. Can anyone help.
  7. Am rebuilding my Merluin twinshock 350 , same as cagiva. I need pictures of original tank and side panels for graphics. Can anyone help, i have a supplier but he needs a photo.
  8. Managed to purchase a standard airbox for my 340 from sammy millers moons ago. It now is being fitted to replace the 325 type. THe only problem i have is the rubbers and circular plate etc. Where can i get them from. Any ideas or pics so i can fab one.
  9. Bultaco 49 thanks for that info.
  10. Does anyone know of a company that would supply replica tank stickers for my cagiva. I can only supply photo's of originals,painter lost my ones.
  11. Gasgas249 you got the dragonfly ?. I still have my skywalker but need to find a sticker kit if anyone can help. Or a decent photo of tank sides to copy stickers may be of some use. Also had sticker set for Cagiva DG350, they have been lost in the painting process, painter lost my stickers . so if anyone can help here that would be appreciated. Maybe get one of them finished.
  12. Thanks for info. The barrel is std. The piston is only slightly marked, possibly with over reving, will check springs & rods against rupert ratio book. Thanks again Kenny
  13. Help required. After stripping down my B40 i noticed the following. The engine has a high compression piston. Should there be a compression plate fitted ?, as the piston has touched the valves. Any advice on thichness of plate. The bike was always difficult to kick over, which maty explain this. Any advice appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the help guys. I will try and source grommets for airbox, Any pictures of the airbox inlet grommets / side panel grommet would be helpfull. i assume the filter is the sammy miller type with the hose to the carb?.
  15. Need photo's & help please. Have purchased a airbox assembly & side panels from Sammy Miller. The assembly consists of the airbox only !!, no filter access cover available ! The airbox supplied has a large hole at one side for the filter, i assume i will have to make a access cover plate. Also how do i fit the narrow pin side panels supplied. The airbox has no holes or grommets etc. Can anyone help with photo's of the genuine airbox & filter access panel c/w nut etc. This would help me figure out. In hindsight should have waited and bought a good secondhand one !!!!!!!
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