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Sore Arm Technique


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My throttle side forearm has been sore and I'm working on recovery. Right now, the worst part is when the front wheel lands after going over a log or similar obstacle. I can really feel the impact and am sure it is not helping recovery. Is there a technque to minimize this impact or at least make this easier on your arms? I try to unload the back as much as possible to minimize the rear wheel impact on the log and the resulting rotation/ front wheel landing impact. I also try to get far back on the bike and try to absorb some of that impact with my feet on the pegs. Still, there always seems to be some point bodyweight is shifted to the front of the bike and and arms have to take the load. Keeping the front wheel high and landing both wheels at the same time helps but it takes up more space in a section.

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Riding style?

I read a book that said "your bones and joints are the strongest things in your body"

Meaning keep your joints straight and maintain balance

Takes a ton of load of your muscles

But I have tennis elbow, not sure if you have this but not much helps except rest

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