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348 Ignition Timing


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You use that gauge to find TDC, then make a TDC mark on the flywheel in line with something on the casing. Then measure from the mark to the position you want the points to open (either using a degree wheel, or by using geometry and measuring around the circumference) and make a timing mark. You then only have to be looking at the timing mark on the flywheel instead of having to read that tiny scale on the TDC tool

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If you want to check that your timing is right after setting it, you can use a strobe type timing light on your timing mark. Its a bit of a pain with the 348 though because it means either bump-starting the motor, or taking the flywheel cover off after kickstarting it.

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Thanks, feetup.

I had my stator repaired by Steve at Bradford Ignitions, and followed your guide for re-timing. The bike's now starting and running well, so I'm back in business.

Interestingly, the timing had been set pretty well advanced at maybe 2.2 - 2.6mm BTDC, so it'll be good to see how the bike feels and rides now.

Thanks again all.

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