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Ty175 Electric Horn


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I'm looking to make my TY175 road legal and have got the original lights working but not the horn.

I've tried a good quality 6v horn but no sound. I'm guessing it doesn't like the Alternating current non-regulated voltage electrics.

Has anyone got any tips?

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I'm not sure my digital meter can handle the AC the TY gives out. I've done a bit more digging and apparently there are AC and DC horns. Most are DC, and AC ones are/were fitted to things like old Vespas and they make a noise like a duck call !!

So it looks like I need to either fit an old scooter horn or wire a small battery in for my DC horn.

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A digital meter should be able to handle both ac and dc just set dial to ac symbol which is a sine wave, (dc is a solid line with a dotted line underneath).


If you are still in doubt then connect a 6v bulb to horn wires and if it lights when you press the button you have voltage.


If you wire in a battery permanently you'll need a voltage regulator and a rectifier.


Alternatively just fit one of these

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Good news folks - we have an MOT!

I stuck with the original electrics after working out the wiring, fixing the switch, and got an AC horn off ebay. It's barely louder than the engine though :-(

I've since seen motoduro sell one that looks a better bet.

Mud here we come :-)

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