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  1. FYI http://nonlintec.com/sprite/cap_failure/
  2. always start from the source of the generation a simple sinewave (anolugus1)
  3. I would make my own reference(i.e. a new earth), and test.
  4. Hi, if i were to fault this, i would begin looking a wiring diagram and what basic components are required to start it...........remove stop button wiring plug from icm......remove mini plug to rectifier.....check if any wiring either side if coil is to ground(Bu/W)...check that joint @ BU/W and also the pulse ignition plug/joint(R)...check joint to primary ignition side(GR)...and check G from icm to ground, dont use a multimeter use a 12/6v battery and bulb tester to drive current through wiring i.e. a load....when your happy with all this then kick it over and see if you get a spark......if not....start to measure the pulse(with a cheap portable scope with a 10:1 probe)...and then ......etc...if you have a funtiongen you could replicate the pulse into the icm....goodluck
  5. Hotweather can be a problem with expansion, crack open the bleeder to get you home, then assess whats really going on, on enduro bikes a warped/bent disc can cause this issue....there are a lot of scenarios with this as previously stated.
  6. and what are your views on the honda tlm260hrc ??
  7. Hi, what are the pros and cons on this trials model?
  8. Hi, go to your nearest car scrap yard or motorcycle breakers(more expensive ? ), look for an ecu similiar pinot/architecture to the kokusan and sorted.......the next stage is controlled heat to make your old ecu operable......loads of compound sealing it...its a nightmare job but can be done.......
  9. Great bike, well ahead of its time(vertigo????), gasgas in trouble now.........ossa mothballed.....why? the design was nearly fully sorted(2014) and good value for the punters! cables i make them if needed.
  10. Hi, have you monitored the bike via the software? a faulty sensor would show up aswell as historic fault codes
  11. Why if its straight forward just use your own? Kokusan equivalents are available
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