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Ty 350 Performance


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hi folks I am new to the arena of trials and have just purchased a 1985 TY 350.

The bike runs as sweet as a nut but the previous 2 strokes I have ridden has had a more aggressive power delivery mine is very smooth right up to 3/4 throttle loads of torque but from 3/4 to wot the power stops building it doesn't drop off simply nothing more happens. It is standard bike it had a 145 main jet and a 38 pilot jet in the standard carby. I have changed the main jet to a 155 to see if it was short on fuel and also moved the clip position on the needle from the centre position to the lower clip position. Are these style of bikes all torque less aggression as MX bikes tend to be the opposite. any input would be great, cheers from a beginner.

Regards Loc

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The 250 cc is easier to ride in trials or sections whatever you will do. You can try to leave the bike as it is might adjust the engine with carb and timing. To the flywheel weight I would suggest to get a second for removing weight. I think the bike will be transformed likewise Mr. Jekill to Mr. Hyde. This effect might not be to your benefits.

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