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2015 Pre-65 Photographs


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Final progress report on my marathon effort (aided and abetted by the rest of the ORRe gang) of trying to publish at least one action photograph of every rider in the 2015 Pre-65 Scottish as a permanent record in ORRe - our digital magazine.


It is not a perfect result, sadly, because five of the non-finishers managed to evade being spotted by the Revue cameras, although three of them, Mark Whitham (31), Chris Hampshire (102) and Wim Kroon (105) were spotted by Andy with his trialsphotos.com collections.  So the only two to 'escape' were Brian Young (6) and Martin Murphy (60). 


However, all is not lost because if anybody has images of Brian or Martin at Kinlochleven that can be emailed to me at offroadrevue@gmail.com, then I will certainly publish the photos in ORRe.


But to everyone who rode and finished in this years event, that is all one hundred and fifty-four riders, your photograph is now a permanent record in ORRe - and in most cases at least two views showing both sides of the machine, and all at least half-page and many full-page.


The next bonus - anybody organising any classic offroad event, get some images to me taken with a modern digital camera (not 'phones or 'pads or tablets, sorry) and I will publish them in ORRe.




Deryk Wylde

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