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Climber Rear Shock


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So, in addition to the front fork issue, I now need to strip out the rear shock.  Again, I cannot find any information about this unit and the only identifier is the Aprilia logo in the lower aluminium casting.  It looks a little like a Paioli unit, but cant be sure.


Does anyone have anything useful that might help me?  I am assuming that the shaft needs a pair of aluminium split blocks clamped to it to remove the end fork.  There are no lock nuts anywhere and additionally there is no link between the rebound adjuster ring and the rebound adjuster rod that runs through the damper shaft.


Ideas please but not on a postcard.....

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 Should be no reason to take the fork off. Take the shock apart and everything should come off the other end of the shaft. Once the seal head is off, remove the seal and o rings and dust seal and go to a hydraulic shop to match up the seals. if I remember right, you will have to install your own schrader  valve.

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Understand what you are saying, but the fork looks poor so thought I would blast it and paint and in the fork body is a slot through which I can see the push rod that operated the rebound adjustment but its not connected in any way to the adjuster ring which screws onto the lower part of the fork body (if you see what I mean!!)


If you look at the picture of the shock taken when still on the very poor bike, the arrow points to the adjuster ring under which is the slot in the fork end assembly, where the rebound adjuster rod is visible.


Clear as mud?



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I actually picked up a second hand shock just to keep the build process going. In time I will pull the other one apart and rebuild properly.

For reference I made up a pair of aluminium blocks to hold the shaft which enabled me to get the fork off, but that's as far as the strip down went.

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