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Cool Michigan, Indiana, And Ohio Events Coming Up.

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So as I prepare for a two week vacation in Europe starting this week I am reflecting on some of the cool things I will be missing and what I need to make my way to when I get back. 


In Michigan this weekend near Ann Arbor (Go Blue!) we have the crew from Whitmore lake aka Metro Trials putting on their event:



Also this weekend in Columbus IN is Stoney Lonesome... Epic property with a two day event that will leave you tired and a great smile on your face.... :D



Then almost as soon as I get off the plane I'm off to just South of Lansing for the Michigan Vermontville event Mid Mich. (face left hand palm forward and point to the middle of the palm for the map) Epic two day....



Thinking about this Kentucky event.... Vintage baby vintage!!!



Then to cap off the season in style come to the A.M.A. hall of fame. Yes we get to ride at a Museum property!!! How cool is that? Lets see if I can draw a bunch of Michiganders down. Thank Trav D if you see him for helping make that happen.



I know I am missing a ton of events here but in the EU I will make up for it by riding the Mrs bike at AMC Kerzenheim.... if she lets me. :D


Where are you all riding??? Anything fun coming up that we might or might not miss?



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Nice event summary Biff...still a lot of riding remaining for the year if your willing to do a little traveling.   Also, I'm expecting the Gate Trials at Keith's to soon be posted on the MOTA site.  Perhaps your fully aware, but the TI vintage cup finals in KY (Oct. 31/Nov.1) requires the riders to have two "qualifier events"  ridden to participate in this event.  I have spoke with members of the TI organization and they have agreed to count the Metamora (Great Lakes) Vintage Cup as a qualifier.  There's still a qualifier event available Oct. 18th...  Anyway, enjoy your stay in Europe! 

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