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How To... Bike Hop On Rear Wheel


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Hopefully that helped Nick, but let me throw this in. There's a lot going on when you rear wheel hop- a lot! And that's just on flat ground. My advice would be to make sure you've got the wheelie down pat, then the stop and go wheelie. Next add the hops. It takes mucho synchrozination of the wheelie and the hop as well as the rear brake and clutch timing-you just have to practice. It has taken me forever to string just 4-6 hops like this together and a ton of practice to even get that. Get way back there when you are up on the back wheel-more than you think. Like Finn posted you have to be back past vertical for this to work.


One mental trick that helped me was to picture that it's a throw and a catch. You "throw" the bike up with the throttle and a jump. You "catch" the bike with the clutch in and rear brake on. Throw the bike up, catch it, throw it up, catch it. Throttle to ascend, brake on the landing. You will get it man keep practicing.






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So I can't do this yet on flat ground, but curiously enough I found it easier to start learning by rear wheel hopping from one obstacle to another. This way you get the feel for the correct bike position and what you need to be doing with the clutch, but you can also carry a bit of momentum to help you through.


Basically I just set up two large logs parallel to each other (each about a foot 1/2 high... make sure they won't roll) and 3 or 4 feet apart. Zap onto the first one, get the front end high, and then think about launching the back tire into the next one with a little clutch and a stab of throttle. Then when you land the next one, still thinking about keeping the front end up and your weight back, you'll need to feather the clutch some more to keep the bike from stalling, then as the front end starts to come down power off the log.


Good fun!

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