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Clutch Pull When Learning To Zap?


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I'm at a point where the double blip is not adequate to get up some obstacles.  I just can not twist the throttle fast enough.  I see the need for a zap with clutch dump but realize that in order to release the clutch, it must first be pulled in.  So, when do you pull in the clutch?  I have not been able to convince myself to do this when the front wheel is far away from the obstacle. It feels like I'm trying to crash.  I can sort of do it after the front wheel has touched (stab and release) but that seems a bit late.  Are there any easy progressive ways to learn this?  I have no natural tallent for this support so the learning process is slow.  What I think I'm doing or trying to do may be quite different from what I'm actually doing.     

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Start with very small obstacles to get the feel and timing. Logs are the best, but small ledges are ok too. The clutch starts to come in as the suspension compresses and is dumped upon full compression. All the while your body mimics the compression with the legs and knees. You explode up and forward at the same time as the clutch release. That is the easy part. The hard part with the traditional Jap Zap is dropping the front wheel much lower than with the double blip, as in so low you are afraid. Nothing to it!

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