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Tl125 / Cg125 Flywheel Weight..


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I recently did the 144cc big bore to my TL125. Works great, but not sure I'd go through all the problems again BUT what a difference it made. Now it's making me wonder about the addition of more flywheel weight. I had a friend at a bike shop long ago that would measure id/od and use a sleeve from car engine, cut them to width, freeze the flywheel and heat the sleeve, put them together and produce a heavier flywheel. It worked but you were limited without machining to what ever weight you got, that was it. It worked on small MX 2 strokes to make them ridable for kids.

Has anybody tried something like this????


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i have been thinking about adding a little weight to my TL flywheel as well. but not around the outside. could a round plate be attached to the hub of the flywheel around the riveted area? it looks like a 1/4" thick disk could be attached there but i still need to do some measuring. 

you can do a lot with 9hp and a heavy flywheel. remember those huge steam powered tractors that first plowed the hard packed midwest plains? 9 hp and a heavy flywheel. 

i don't expect to plow my garden with the TL, but you get the idea.

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