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  1. I would imagine GOV 132 would take some beating.
  2. The baffle from the filler cap fell into my tank years ago, still rattling around in there!
  3. Half way up the sight glass
  4. I live at the 1000ft mark and have a 2013 200 beta and it runs superbly on std jetting, maybe it's been messed with or its another problem?
  5. Marquez had already pushed Espargaro off the track and was forced to drop a place, he then pushed Rossi off, who crashed at low speed and restarted near the back, Rossi was not punished, but Marquez had 30 seconds added to his time, finishing 18th and Rossi 19 th
  6. Search casa Monte's trials holidays in southern Spain on Facebook, Steve bamford will know, most Spanish clubs are in the North
  7. B25 scrambles engine?? And agree bulto chassis and homerlite seat
  8. At 13 stone, don't think it would be a problem, modern 125's are pretty amazing, I am same weight, but I was lucky enough to pick up a 200 beta, which rides like a 125 but has a bit in reserve,and I love it
  9. Had 270 and 250 beta rev3's, now got 200 evo, love it, one of the 3 best bikes I've had in 50 years of riding, does everything you need and seems to make it easy!
  10. I agree with Jimmyl, bend the knees is the trick
  11. capper

    AJP levers

    I've used trialcast levers, fitted ok and bend rather than break (mostly)!
  12. Shouldn't need centre nut off just to change plates, just springs/ nuts
  13. The mono is a great starter/learner bike, strong, reliable, forgiving and plentiful reasonably priced spares, loved mine
  14. AB motorcycles in Merthyr usually have a good selection, there is usually ads in tmx news too
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