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Air Caps

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im looking for some air caps for a 79/80 Beamish 250

As you can see from the pictures, a monkey has been at mine.

One has been drilled and rethreaded with a different valve.

they dont leak, but i want to get them looking the same.




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Update on the item.

The old part # 51351-38600 have been superseded, new part # is 51351-41211

​and is the same item that's fitted to a GS1000

Got one new off Ebay £16(Suzuki wanted £37)


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Finally Got everything together.
One or two things different.
Yes the Cap fits, but you can no longer slide the fork leg out the top yoke, because its 37mm wide, So people will need to remove cap or file it down to 35mm.
Also the New valves are same thread and 14mm, but the part where the valve cap goes is shorter(pictures show that).
Only problem I found with that was checking the psi with my gauge, it lets the air out instead of reading it, as its not long enough to seat on the seal in the gauge.
At least its looks better now






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Where did you get the valves in the end?  Ta

from discountbikespares

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